The deadline for delivery of products varies from 12 to 35 business days after the supplier sends the goods to Brazil. You will receive the tracking code in the email registered when purchasing within 7 business days after processing your order.

As it is an international order, for tracking to be available on the Correios website, the product must be moved and for this reason, it takes around 5 to 10 business days for the product to be tracked.

Our products are imported from the United States, Europe and Asia. If your product is taking longer than the stipulated deadline, check the tracking code. If you don't know the tracking code, contact us by email.

It often happens that the product remains at Customs in Curitiba or Rio de Janeiro for a long time due to Federal Revenue inspection. They check all packages that enter Brazil, which causes delays due to demand, which delays deliveries. But don't worry, your product will arrive at your home.