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Fast Meat Food Defrosting Board Tray

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Color: Board for Defrosting Food P
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Fast Meat Food Defrosting Board Tray

Defrost your steak in minutes without using a microwave!

Seeing that you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer when cooking is not a pleasant feeling by far!

Imagining that juicy, fresh, freshly cooked steak makes your mouth water.
Not being able to eat this steak because it hasn't defrosted is excruciating!
I bet you've been through this and it wasn't on your best day.
Therefore, we present you the only way to defrost your meat naturally and quickly!

Discover the Hyper-Fast Defrosting Board!

It has technology that is making waves in the USA!
As it is made from a special aluminum, it makes thermal conductivity more efficient. This facilitates the exchange of heat between the meat and the environment, making it defrost faster.

Perfect for defrosting hamburgers, beef, chicken breast, fish and vegetables. All this defrosted from 8 to 17 minutes , when in contact with the board.
No more using the microwave, which cooks the meat when it defrosts.
Order yours now, here at Primeiro Lar, and never stop eating something again because you forgot to defrost it!


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