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Dog Cat Toilet Pets Toilet Training

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Color: Dog Cat Toilet Pets Toilet Training Blue
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Dog Cat Toilet Pets Toilet Training

Make your pet's life easier and more hygienic with the Pets Cat Dog Toilet Toilet Training.

This toilet is specifically designed to train your behavioral animal to use the bathroom with ease and hygiene. With soft and comfortable material, your pet will feel at ease and will quickly learn to use the toilet.

The Pets Hygienic Training Dog Cat Toilet is easy to clean and maintains the hygiene of your home. No more worrying about accidents on the carpet or sofa, as your pet will have a dedicated and comfortable place to do their business.

With a compact and elegant design, this toilet fits easily into any space and becomes a valuable addition to your home. Don't waste any more time cleaning up workplace accidents. Get the Pets Cat Dog Toilet Toilet Training today and make your pet's life easier and more hygienic.

Click now to buy your Cat Dog Toilet Pets Toilet Training. This is a limited offer, so don't waste time! Maintain the hygiene and comfort of your pet today!

Hygiene, Practicality and Convenience

The Hygienic Dog Toilet is ideal for your animal, as it is a place where he can do his business with practicality and hygiene, benefiting both him and you who are the owner and care about your little friend's hygiene.

Going out with your animal every day so it can do its business can be a difficult task and generally takes time out of your day, so the Dog Sanitary with Pole is here to help you, bringing greater convenience to you.

The Dog Toilet works in such a way that it will avoid problems arising when the animal pees and poops in inappropriate places, putting an end to wet paws, newspapers on the floor, paw prints around the house and undesirable odors.


What is Dog Sanitation?

The Dog Toilet is an item of fundamental importance for you who have a dog, which allows your pet to do its needs in a more hygienic and comfortable way.

Hygienic Dog Toilet How does it work?

The Dog Toilet has a modern design, allowing urine to flow through the grate and onto the base (tray). This way there will be no contact with the dog's paws, which will remain completely dry. A big advantage is the urine drainage wall, which can be positioned strategically at the bottom of the product. Raised edges prevent urine from spilling.

Why use a dog toilet?

Dog toilets are necessary for owners who spend a lot of time away from home and don't have many hours to walk their dog. This can help keep the house clean, as with the toilet, the dog can urinate as many times as he needs during the day.

Features of the Hygienic Dog Toilet

- Hygienic toilet, eliminates unwanted marks from dirty and wet paws on carpets, rugs, sofas and floors, avoiding undesirable odors

- Through the grid, urine flows directly into the tray without coming into contact with your dog's paws, keeping them completely dry

- It consists of a tray and grid, preventing pee from invading the floor directly

- Dog Toilet with Pole provides greater safety for you and your dog, avoiding the need to take him out on night trips to the streets to do his business

- The tray has raised edges, preventing urine from spilling

Hygienic Dog Toilet Specifications

Indication: Dog

Material: Plastic

Breed: Small Breeds

Age: Puppies, Adults, Elderly

Dimensions: 46.5cm x 35.5cm x 5.5cm

Included Items

1 plastic tray with grid

1 plastic lid erected for the dog to eliminate as if it were a wall (the urine from the lid runs into the tray)

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